High Kirk Community Playgroup in Ballymena have hosted many exciting events for our children. The children who attend High Kirk Community Play group all enjoy it when someone visits, or they get involved in new activities and we love seeing them have fun while learning. Here are some of the things which we have been up to lately:

Party animals paid us a visit and we got to meet all sorts of different animal! The children loved meeting a skunk, an African giant snail, a guinea pig, boa constrictor, tortoise, bearded dragon, and  some stick insects. The children also brought along some of their parents to join in with the fun, although we think the the children were much braver than some of the grown ups.

Latest news from High Kirk Community PlaygroupLatest news from High Kirk Community Playgroup

Book Start Rhyme challenge also was an exciting activity we enjoyed. The children received certificates for participating in learning ten rhymes also had the chance to make jelly. “Jelly on a Plate” links rhyme with the science behind this yummy pudding – melting jelly cubes and watching it dissolve in warm water then using cold of fridge to set. It was a delicious tasty reward for learning 10 rhymes!

Latest news from High Kirk Community Playgroup

And at Easter the children of High Kirk Community Playgroup had a brilliant Easter party where everyone wore an Easter Bonnet and took part in the hat parade. Don’t they all look amazing? All the kids had their own individual look which was expertly created with the help of some talented parents.

Thanks to all the parents, children and organisations who help us to make High Kirk Community Playgroup a brilliant place for children to learn and have fun together.