The Staff of High Kirk Community Playgroup offer you and you children a warm welcome to this new term. We aim to provide a warm, friendly, fun and educational experience for each child attending our playgroup. We know that the first month at play group can be daunting for both child and their parents and carers but at High Kirk Playgroup we will support you and your child through these first few weeks. During September your child’s daily sessions are for a shorter period of time. Previous experience indicates that the shorter sessions helps to build the children’s confidence in entering the playroom without being separated from their parent/carer for too long. This gradual build up to the full session is less daunting for your child as well as less tiring.

Each month your child will be sent home one of each to ensure you are provided with information regarding the theme for the month, visitors and outings and to give you an insight into their learning for the month.


For September our colour is Blue and our shape is a Circle.

Our Blue Interest Table features a safe item from your child which is blue. This can be a fun activity for you at home whilst reinforcing or introducing the colour blue to your child. Please have your child’s name clearly marked on their contribution to make sure it goes home with the right person!

liz west

Photo Credit: Liz West; Creative Commons

We also have a Nature table which is always a big hit with the children and we love the kids to contribute to our nature table from outings, trips to the park or your own back garden. Items of interest can open up discussions, promote language and, for those children who contribute, it aids their self-esteem and encourages links between home and playgroup. Twigs, flowers and leaves are all perfect for our Nature table.

We look forward to working alongside you and your child this year at High Kirk Community Playgroup.